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"The report out today from the Arizona Board of Regents is the first in the state to provide a snapshot of college-completion rates for individual high schools. For six years, the regents tracked 53,392 Arizona students who graduated from high school in the 2005-06 school year, regardless of whether they moved or attended college out of state.Using data from colleges nationwide, the report found that 57 percent of the Arizona students who graduated from high school in 2005-06 went on to college, but only 19 percent graduated from a four-year institution within six years."
AZ Republic,

2/1/18 Update:  Please note that we are NOT currently accepting new clients from the class of 2018 for consultation or interview prep. You are welcome to enroll your junior for consultation services for the class of 2018. Please note that there is a waiting list for early-action interview prep. Please contact for more information.

What reach school should you apply to?

What safety schools will be the right fit?

How can you make your application stand out?

How can you succeed at your college interviews?

Don't be a name on a roster; while there are many amazing college counselors in the high school setting, your child is just one name on a long list.  Become the priority of an expert dedicated to assisting your family in this life-changing process.  Approximately 19% of Arizona high school graduates successfully matriculate within 6 years from a college or university; high school counselors are assisting all seniors, not just yours.  Let our experts, with a proven track record of successful of gaining admission to the "right" college or university for their clients, help your family. 

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